Don Wilson

Secretary, Board of Trustees

Don graduated from Hampton University, with further Civil Engineering studies at the University of Hartford and the University of Connecticut.

The bulk of his career was in the insurance industry. During the 30 years at Travelers he enjoyed worked initially as a Field Engineer in the Hartford, CT office. Then, working in the home office, he became a Construction & Civil Engineering Specialist and Inland & Ocean Marine Engineering Specialist.

At Travelers, this work experience was enriched by contributing as a member of the following:  

  • Chairman, Construction Safety Committee for the State of Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Commission.
  • Construction Safety Committee Member – American Insurance Association
  • Committee Member ANSI A10.4 – Personnel Hoists 
  • Committee Member ANSI A10.5 – Material Hoists 
  • Committee Member ANSI A10.13 – Steel Erection 
  • Committee Member – Tower Crane Manufacturer’s Association
  • Committee Member - National Safety Council Construction Safety 
  • Member of the BOCA Building Code, Uniform Building Code and the Southern Building Code
  • Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Member of the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE)

After retirement, Don became the Member of the company Bridgefacts, LLC. Presently, this company is Construct Safe a.k.a. Bridgefacts, LLC.

Construct Safe focuses on presenting the Federal OSHA Outreach Program to employees of contractors, and construction coordinators of host businesses that have outside contractors on their premises. OSHA authorizes outreach trainers, including Don, to relate how our individual construction safety experiences relate to the Federal OSHA Construction Regulations. 

In 2004, being a ham radio operator, he became a volunteer teacher of Wireless and Amateur Radio (ham radio) Communications at Talcott Mountain Science Center and Academy (TMSC).  In 2009, TMSC added Don as a member of their Board of Trustees.

He has enjoyed all of the experiences immensely.